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Resisting the flow?

The archetype for May is The River. I have always been very comfortable around the water, the ocean. I feel so at home and so soothed by the water. Water is another very important element in our lives. Too much of the water element and we may be overly emotion, depressed, withdrawn, drowning in our sorrows. However, when we are in alignment and balanced with our own water element, we are able to be flexible, to be in the flow of what is happening, to allow ourselves to be reshaped by whatever we may be facing, to be able to surrender to the deliciousness and love and power of water.

The River feels magical in its own way. It is a big resource to the beings it lives with. It collects and draws water in from its environment and creates this beautiful pulse, beautiful music, a shared resource and is a builder of community amongst all creatures and plants.

When I feel into the river for myself I am first drawn to the sound of the water moving over the rocks and I give gratitude for all that the river does for its ecosystem. I am drawn to touch the water to see what temperature it is and what the water is communicating to me. It tells me that I can let go quite easily and then I will feel the power of the pull - of being drawn toward something that feels like home. It feels innate and purposeful. I feel complete surrender and trust with the wisdom that is water.

The River is continuous. The energy keeps moving until it reaches its destination where it becomes one with an even bigger flow, the primordial sea. There is complete surrender to the bigger flows and pull of the rhythm between the sea and the cosmos. You can resist water for a time, but you will never win out in the end because everything is constantly changing and being shaped by everything in its environment.

You are part of the River and part of the community and part of the world and part of the Cosmos. You get to decide how intentional and responsible you want to be for your energy signature and how much you carry around with you. The less you carry, the more willing you are to put things down, the more ease and flow you will experience even in challenging situations.

The River teaches us many things: to let go, to allow ourselves to be supported by a wisdom and magic that is a huge part of what we are, that change is always happening, that emotions are the way we understand ourselves better and they are not the end of the story, simply a flash of information that leads us to the other side of something we wanted to come home to. I am grateful to the River for all that it does to support our lives and the lives of all beings.

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