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 It is my mission to show people how to travel home to their hearts, to love all of themselves unconditionally, to witness and experience the awesomeness that they are and to show them how to heal themselves.


I am a 23 year healing arts practitioner.  My personal healing journey has informed me as a practitioner as well as the many different types of healing systems and modalities I have learned.

 I have aligned myself with learning to listen to all the different ways that our bodies, mind, Spirit and emotions are communicating with us for our highest good.  



Licensed Massage Therapist (#MA 00014845) since 2001​.


Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner


Acutonics Level IV Practitioner


Spiritual Response Technique Practitioner


Art of Your Energy Practitioner

Animal Healing & Communication



We all have life experiences that inform who and what we think we are.

I dream of a world where our essence and connection to deeply knowing ourselves informs who and what the world are.

Beth Hyer


There is a voice that doesn't use words.  Listen.


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