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Heart Centered and Vibrational Healing

 It is my mission to show people how to travel home to their hearts, to love all of themselves unconditionally, to witness and experience the awesomeness that they are and to show them how to heal themselves.


healing is a journey worth taking

My first career, which was not healing, was as a court reporter.  There was lots of stress, lots of sitting, lots of deadlines and no room for me to be compassionate to people.  After 11 years I ended up unhealthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Thankfully my need to get better physically led me to becoming a massage therapist.  That was my first step into the healing arts.


  As I continued on in my career I realized that I needed to attend to things on more than just a physical level, which lead me in the direction of vibrational healing. The first tool  I was introduced to was flower essences.  Essences are a wonderful way to work through difficult issues of all kinds and come into alignment with my authentic self.

The next healing system I was exposed to was Resonance Repatterning, which is a healing system for healing unhealthy patterns, wounds, family relationships and so much more.  I learned to use the intelligence of my body through the language of kinesiology or muscle checking to find the information needed to let go of triggers and wounds from my life so that I could become less reactive and more deeply connected in my relationships.

My next desire was to learn sound healing, which is such a beautiful way to work with bodies.  With the use of tuning forks, a gong, drums, singing bowls and more I was able to heal and become closer to myself and my body while also becoming more connected to all of life and the universe.  Sound is a universal language and another natural or innate language of our body, mind, emotions and spirit.  This makes transformation easier and builds resilience and inner peace.

When I became more aware of the inequities in this world and what our country was built on, I found the need to be able to address past lives and harmonize with my soul family so that I could make reparations through history and live this present life without continuing the suffering.  It is a way for me to make reparations to my family lineage so that I may be empowered in my whole being and be responsible for where I came from and any harm I have caused.

Most recently I have studied and taken classes called the Art of Your Energy, which is galactic healing and angelic coding.  This system is and has been profoundly transforming for me in that it has allowed me to move into the bigger space that I occupy, my energy footprint, with an upgraded and updated system.  This work allows me to truly live into the opportunity of my fullest potential.

All of what I learned and will continue to learn is based on my own transformation and it lends to how I work with my clients.  I am forever grateful to be able to do the work I do and to keep shifting and growing and sharing so that others may know the depth of their beauty and potential as I have come to know mine.

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