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A little bit about me

I originally came to be a massage therapist because I had an injury that prevented me from working. I was a court reporter then. It took me a little time to find the right practitioner. When I did, I was able to begin a different relationship with my body, my healing, and my life. It really did change everything about my life and transformed me. I knew that I needed to be a massage therapist and started school right away, graduating in 2000 and getting my license in 2001.

As I began to get healthy, what I became aware of was that I had a very hard time with change, with relaxing, with being present. There is a big list. The moral of the story is that I knew I wanted to change and I knew that I needed it to be less hard on me. I had strong reactions and resistance to change in my body. It is true that the body knows. The body knows what we need. It also knows where we have stored things that we couldn't deal with and so much more.

From the desire to change with more ease I started to work with vibrational medicine through flower and gem essences. Each essence has a signature that helps to align you with what you are needing and supports you in seeing what your challenge is that's in the way.

I then realized that I wasn't really operating from the perspective of what I thought or needed, but from the structure or foundation I was around growing up. That was another big transformation that led me to a healing technique called Resonance Repatterning. This work is truly remarkable in that it gave me the opportunity to know myself through the feedback of the body's intelligence (kinesiology or muscle checking). I could literally work with my challenge and trace it to whatever bread crumbs were connected and let it go, changing my brain chemistry, and move forward more authentically.

The next healing technique I was interested in adding to my practice was Sound Healing. I started training through the Acutonics Institute and have become a Level IV practitioner with that organization. I use planetary tuning forks, crystal and metal singing bowls, drums, tingshas, a gong and more to assist myself and my clients with their energetic, emotional, mental and physical imbalances and challenges. It is amazing work that is relaxing and deeply transformative.

I also felt a need to work with more of my history from other lifetimes. That's when I was exposed to the Spiritual Response Technique work. It allowed me to work with programs and patterns, energies, lifetimes, planets, soul family and so much more from that perspective. It involves what we call a clearing, spiritual clearing, where I use a pendulum and charts to research and clear what is in the way from the past so I can live in the present. It is amazing and so helpful to be able to access my own Akashic records (think library) and clean it up.

As I have expanded into a more universal consciousness, unity consciousness, I needed something new to help me with all that space. I needed a way to be present and responsible and intentional about living as a bigger light, connected to my essence, in a way that creates a world I want to live in. This is when I was introduced to Art of Your Energy. This is a light coding system that helps to upgrade my system and work with the big big picture. I can tap into all the wisdom of the dimensions and the Archangels, the Unicorns and Dragons to name a few. There are so many life forms that exist beyond and above our dimension that are helping us with everything. It is great to be part of a galactic community and to be part of the healing that is happening in all this chaos towards a beautiful new future for all.

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