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Circle of Love

I have noticed that it feels like life is moving at the speed of change, which feels like the speed of love. To my knowledge the speed of love is the fastest speed available. The speed of love often feels like being pushed and pulled in too many directions at the same time while trying to get my beautiful brain to focus on the now. It also feels and looks like watching and/or witnessing what others I care for are experiencing daily in their own unfolding. It feels impossibly overwhelming at times.

One of the hardest things we do as humans is to witness, without doing, as others we care for are going through hard things on their path in life.

As a healer it is something I have struggled with my whole life, letting others have their own journey without feeling overwhelmed with worry or concern for their well-being. And I know that when people worry about me it feels like they are voting against me. It feels like they don't have confidence in me. It doesn't feel good. And eventually I realized it was my own hurt spaces and places that were calling out to me through the reflection of others.

Now when I am challenged in life, I nurture myself on a deep level so I can tell where things come from for me. I have learned over and over again the value of being able to be silent and present with myself and others. It is a miracle to see how presence is the best medicine.

I have found that getting to know and discover my true self is the way for me to discern between what is real and what is programmed, what is mine and what is not. When I am in pain physically, I stop and listen to my body and see what it has to say, what does it need from me, how may I be of service. It is the same when I check in with my mind, Spirit and emotions. It is the beginning of a really beautiful relationship with self that nothing can hinder.

In May I will be starting a monthly series. This series will be focused on getting to truly know yourself, body, mind, Spirit and emotion. This is the beginning of a relationship that will serve you well throughout your life and be a grounding point for you to live your life by. Stay tuned for more information.

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