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Connect to the light in your heart

One of the hardest things about this life is that we are constantly bombarded with things, sounds, feelings. All of these things are able to pull us out of alignment with who and what we are. We are all powerful beings. And there is a commitment that is required of us to show up as whole and loving and compassionate on a daily basis in order to wield our power. When we are heart centered we can know and trust our intuition, our inner knowing. This alignment allows us to hear and feel the information that our natural environment is expressing. It allows us to be in the flow of seasons, and the cycles of the moon and the planets. We are able to live as nature does. We are able to feel the heartbeat of our planet and to connect with that energy in a way that supports that which gives us life. We are able to exist as a frequency that changes the world by being committed to our self-love, self-care, self-forgiveness. We know our place and our worth and how we may be a part of our community and our family, chosen and otherwise, in a way that both feeds others and ourselves.

There is a grace and an ease that is always available to us. The middle way. We speak our truth and we stand on our own two feet. We recognize how our harmonious ways bring more joy to us, and allow us to live in a bigger existence. In times of chaos, grief, pain, and loss, this is an essential way of living. We must cultivate our inner environment in order to live in peace and ease. We must embrace the messiness and see what lies underneath our fears and wounds so that we may compost our lessons and use them as the fuel for a future filled with love.

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