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What Are You Made of?

We are made of potential, space that is waiting to be inspired into action. We truly are. We are 99.9999999% space. For real. I find that amazing and also good information when I am looking at something in my life that seems to be bigger than me or something that I cannot figure out how to move beyond. The things in life that challenge me the most are very loud when they are happening and that makes it seem like the actual challenge is the "thing." The challenge is really the indicator, the sign that tells us there is something here that we wanted to move through. There is something that has been marked to unfold so that we may see and be ourselves as a direct connection to all that is. The unfolding is the journey, if we allow it. The unfolding is the deeper experience of what lies underneath, what needs attention and compassion and love and forgiveness. These parts and pieces of us are the places and stories that we want to transform to free not only ourselves, but to free each other from the patterns of the past.


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