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Surrender brings peace and ease

We are being called to sit quietly with what is within us that seeks our attention. We are being called to let go and surrender to the deep quiet essence that resides within our heart. We are being called to realize we are not our wounds, to seek assistance in letting go, and surrender from all the places we are holding outdated and painful ways of being and thinking. We are being called to tap into a much bigger picture so that we can be brave as we accept our fears and move through to the other side. We are being called to build a bridge within ourselves from where we are to our deepest acceptance and curiosity of who we really are.

We are so powerful and brave when we are aligned with ourselves, with our planet, and with the Universe. It brings deep peace and ease, strength and resilience to be in that kind of relationship to what is real - the sky, the earth, the directions, the seasons. Not so long ago we were in deep connection with our planet and all of the creatures and we worked in partnership with respect for each being and in unity. We are being called to get on the bridge to a different kind of life. It is a rhythm that is inside us that resides in our heartbeat, the flow of our blood, and our sensory awareness of what we are surrounded by, of what is real. There are deeper pulses to align with surrounding us every day.

We are being called - each of us individually and as a collective - to wake up and be a part of our own journey in a beautiful and powerful way. What we let go of in ourselves will no longer trigger us in the world so we may live into our big beautiful energy field in a way that simply creates more peace wherever we go. When we are able to be that deeply present with ourselves, then we can be that way with others in a life-changing way. When we like ourselves, accept ourselves, and learn to love ourselves, we begin to trust our inner nature and our energy center, our heart, in a way that illuminates so much magic around us that we are awestruck and humbled in gratitude. That's a pretty yummy way to live.

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