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The Whispers of Wisdom

Becoming aware of ourselves, of our surroundings, of our stuff, of our space, of the space around us is a first step in feeling more comfortable in the life we live currently. As the world as we know it begins to become clear to us, we will see that it is not a structure that supports us but one that is constantly pushing us to be farther and farther away from what we truly are.

We are a heart-centered being. This is the only place of real wisdom in our body or the original source from which we tap into all other sources that are authentic and that consistently support and take care of our needs.

We are one with that experience when we live outside the box of what we have been taught. When we are brave enough to look ourselves and our lives in the mirror, we see the reality of the reflection we are living and the toll it takes to be other than self.

It can take time and life experience to discover what it is that our heart is asking of us, what our heart is teaching us, how our heart is supporting the best possible timeline for us in each moment. We honor those callings by recognizing the things that are our biggest wounds, our biggest challenges, our hardest lessons. These are the places where we step outside of the box and see ourselves as we truly are, where we can make reparations for any harm we may have caused, and where we can love and forgive ourselves every moment of every day.

Small steps in the right direction. Consistent attention to self. Consistent listening and showing up for self will change your life. It will call you into alignment with your true dreams and desires. Know that carrying out these thoughtful moments of kindness and love of self will soften you and hold you tight, will steady you, will pick you up and help you move forward. Know that you deserve to live a life that is truly in alignment with your big, beautiful heart.

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