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Surrender is divine

The mentor is an archetype that represents a desire to be open and receptive to higher guidance from Spirit. The wisdom we wish to receive through this connection can bring peace and ease. Sometimes when we really want something we can push or rush or feel impatient. A lot of the time what simply needs to happen is for us to step back, be in observer mode, and be willing to look at what we are carrying within us that is keeping us from ourselves.

During the season of fall we are working with two meridians, the lung and the large intestine. They represent grief and literally letting go. So it follows that if we want to be on our own team, it would be helpful and supportive for us to practice letting go every day so that it becomes easier. If we don't feel safe not being in control, then it is a hard road. And also practice is always a good teacher. You have the power to change how you do something by taking small, manageable steps. For example, every time you exhale you're letting go. Every time you put one foot in front of the other, you are letting go or walking from one point to another. If we also are doing some healthy self-talk to encourage ourselves, that is even more helpful to our brain and body to get in the groove with our intention to practice letting go.

Using the River as a tool for letting go, we can imagine, feel, sense that we are putting what we don't need to carry any longer on a raft and letting it go down the river. We can put ourselves in the River and let it wash away the remnants, the contracts and vows, agreements that we have made in the past that no longer bring us happiness. We can trust the River to replenish us and wash away our fears so that we may see our reflection more clearly.

Literally organizing and cleaning our homes and closets is a way to see what we keep in our environment and why. It feels so good when we honor what we are surrounded by and make choices based on what our hearts want when choosing what stays and what goes.

When we want to start a new chapter, do things differently than before, we must let go and make room for the new. We must allow ourselves time to rest, nourish, and listen to ourselves. We must make ourselves a beautiful space for this new beginning.

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