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Harnessing the energy of the moment

We are in a moment when there is a lot going on in the sky that we may make use of in a big and powerful way, if we so choose. We are in the time of the alignment of our Sun with what is called our spiritual sun, Sirius A. There is a lot more to all of the astrology and I am not able to speak to it as the more I look into the information, the more my head seems to spin. I do better sometimes grasping the overall picture than all the details. I will speak to this event from a feeling place of what stands out for me.

As always the planets and the Universe are conspiring with us to help us achieve what it is we are here to do. This time is about letting go of our ideas of the smallness we think we are and allowing ourselves to be seen and felt as Sirius A reminds us to do. We are aligning with our Spirits, our essence, what makes us part of all of life and the Universe. The signal is there to power us up as Sirius A is almost twice as big and powerful as our own Sun and, if we allow it, can fill us with the remembrance of what it is to live from, breathe from our soul.

I feel like that is something that I have been striving toward for a long while and it feels like a tremendous gift to be able to embrace this opportunity to get fueled by something so incredibly beautiful and powerful. This event is often referred to as the Lion's Gate, as it happens while our Sun is in Leo.

Every month I draw cards from my archetype deck to determine what kind of journey I will be taking with you at the monthly Sound Healing Meditation. Before I even realized the astrology of what was going on, I drew the cards The Threshold, The Pilgrim, and The Mirror.

The Threshold may seem obvious but it is a big opportunity to usher in a new reality. When we cross a threshold we must be willing to let go of what is in the way of our new reality, a new Earth. We are being called to let go of the matrix we have been trapped in so that we may embrace all that we will become. The old ways are no longer available and crumbling around us and we need to be able to embrace our brave beautiful hearts to lead the way. Resisting will bring a lot of pain and difficulty and will keep us from our unique path forward, keep us from growing. This is a call for your initiation into a new beginning.

The Pilgrim represents the wanderer, the traveler and the apprentice. It calls us to unknown places without knowing what the outcome will be. It asks us to seek freedom and expansion and growth. It feels like there is a lot of unrest in our world at the way things are - at least that is true for me. I don't know how things will turn out, but I do know that if I take the inward path toward self-love and spend time in nature listening and loving nature back as it loves us, that I will find my way home. We are all trying to find our way. If we give ourselves permission to take one step at a time and take the absolute best care of ourselves, we will be led by a loving Universe.

The Mirror is the tool that we use to move through this process. The energy of the mirror is all about self-perception. The mirror is meant to be a positive influence in our lives and yet it is not the case for most of us. The mirror does not exist to separate us from ourselves but that is what happens. We look in the mirror and we see our blemishes or flaws. Maybe we don't see ourselves at all when we are in front of the mirror. Maybe we afraid of what we will see if we truly look. The reflection we see in the mirror is meant to be a friend, a confidant, a supporter of self. I believe that looking into our own eyes every day for a count of 60 seconds without looking away and in silence is a powerful way to support who and what we are. I have found it to be life changing and that it even brings a smile to my face. When I first look in my eyes what I see is imbalance, exhaustion, sadness. And if I hold my gaze and count to 60, I see balance and ease and a smile comes across my face. I hope you will give it a try.

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