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Diving inward to ascension

Autumn is a perfect time for moving inward, for looking inward. It is a time of drawing in to clear our body, mind, Spirit and emotions as well as a time to honor the harvest of what we have accomplished this year. It is a time of letting our emotions flow, releasing grief, allowing ourselves to digest and compost all this year has been so far.

It is a great time to increase our self care by tending to our skin, soaking in a hot bath, sweating in a sauna, skin brushing, steaming our face with plant magic and essential oils. It is a time to take great care and to slow down, to pace ourselves in relation to our body.

We learn to understand what we need by spending time with ourselves and really listening to what our body wants and needs from us. There are many simple ways to check in with our body. One of the things I love to do is to say hello, thank you and I love you to, for example, my organs one at a time. It is a great way to start to know what feels "normal" for us in your body. That way if something is off, we know it and know what to do or where to get help. This also will eliminate a lot of the fear that can come up around our own health because of our ability to listen and do what we need. Being curious about our own inner landscape, being open to that relationship, brings peace and ease as we navigate based on our insides.

Health is not something to accomplish. It is a way of being with ourselves. Just as the gifts of a mountain are deep within, - the gems, the minerals, the jewels - we are the same. Health is not about climbing the mountain. It is about sitting quietly with ourselves, investing over and over again on looking within with kindness, compassion, love, wisdom, kindness and patience. It is opening up to see what gifts we have curated over time within us and how we take those sacred places within and connect or plug into the sources within the natural beauty of our Earth and all that she provides us with.

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