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The magic of a forest

Updated: Apr 12, 2023


When I think about the energy of the forest, it makes me feel so at home and peaceful. I feel calmed by being in the presence of the trees and all the other beings who make up the vibration of a place. It is an energetic signature and it is about collaboration within species and between species who live together, who are rooted in the same place.

The above picture is one of the many photos I took when we visited the amazing Redwoods. It was awesome just to stand in the presence and wisdom of an old being of nature. I had this idea that beings, like Redwood trees, would feel sad for all that they have seen and experienced over their long lives. They have lived and experienced so much more than people do in our brief time here.

That was not what I felt when I walked among them. I felt overwhelming peace, love and acceptance. The air felt full of potential and limitless possibility. I felt a sense of deep respect, reverence, gratitude and love for each and every one of them. And that helped me to feel more loving and connected to myself. It connected me to a place of curiosity and wonder that I experienced freely as a young person. I loved being in the outdoors, climbing trees and hanging out in them. I felt the magic of the moss and the strength of the trees, smelled the beautiful fragrances of plants in bloom.

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