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Simple ways to love your body temple

There are many parts of us that we can work with as "temples." Our body is certainly one that we can do a lot to change our relationship with. I am hoping that you have some practices in place that offer you the ability to appreciate, acknowledge and attend to your physical body.

There are so many ways that this can be done. One that comes to mind is taking a certain system or body part and, after grounding yourself in the moment, you say to that part of you, "Thank you. I love and appreciate you." I find this can be really helpful especially if you are dealing with a painful body part, say your neck. You could even go so far as to thank each of your seven cervical vertebrae one at a time, starting with C1 - the first cervical vertebrae - and going through to C7 - your seventh cervical vertebrae. Notice how it feels to love, thank and appreciate each vertebrae and what it feels like in your body - or your body's response to that attention and intention. It feels pretty great.

Another temple that we have within us is our heart. It does a lot of wonderful things for our physical body and it is also a place we can travel into and through safely to explore and heal and expand places in us that have been protected and/or shut down or put away for safe keeping.

In this month's Sound Healing Meditation, we will be traveling to our inner sanctuary where we can meet our High Self or Spirit and safely relax, release and expand into more of who we really are. This is a place we create and is a wonderful way to adventure to other places while in the company and protection of our High Self or Spirit. There are endless possibilities from the space of alignment with our beautiful heart.

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