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Sound Healing Meditation

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Sound Healing is a term that is used when referring to instruments that are played - usually singing bowls, gongs, drums, chimes, etc. - while you are comfortably laying or sitting down. This type of sound healing is very effective at shifting your state of being because of the fact that it is a vibrational experience. The frequency of the different instruments, the wavering of the tones up and down, the way the tones play together, all create different dialogue with your body, mind, emotions and Spirit.

This communication allows you to transform, for example, the information of pain or tension into something new. So the sound reprograms the current information that you and your body, mind, Spirit are experiencing into something more harmonious. This creates relaxation in your muscles, soothes your nervous system and reduces anxiety and nervous tension, relaxes the vagus nerve as well as many other benefits. Because sound healing relaxes your brain and drops you down into a slower, calmer brain wave, people often experience a deeply restorative sleep as well.

Sound healing is a beautiful way to spend quality time with yourself, to unwind, go within, wash away what is weighing you down, and rejuvenate your energy and physical body.

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